Marta Sellarés Gutiérrez

THE HOUSE OF STONE  (2017-2018)       

If I examine the house attentively, and unreflectively, it seems eternal, and a sort of wonder emanates from it. Of course, I see it from a certain point in my duration, but it is the same house that I saw yesterday when it was one day younger; an old man and a child gaze upon the same house. The house surely has its own age and its own changes; however, even if it collapses tomorrow, it will always remai true that it existed today.

Maurice Merleau- Ponty

The House of Stone is a project that unfolds through the labyrinth of relationships between places and individuals, reviewing those created and felt imaginaries that are a constant in our memory. Perceived more or less consciously, this sphere is expressed in our interior while, in turn, we express ourselves in it, and thus configure our personal living space. 

In this way, the work revolves around familiar spaces and what takes place in them. Each element is photographed from an autobiographical point of view, charting and emotional map of a specific way of relating to and with space. 


Ediciones Anómalas

La casa de piedra
Marta Sellarés

Design: underbau

14 x 10 cm.  80 pages.  Softcover

isbn: 978-84-09-25736-5